Life Coaching

Life Coaching is not simply the newest pitch for “how to feel good,” it is a grass-roots science offering solid and down-to-earth support for people seeking personal transformation. Life Coaching is not psychotherapy-light.

Life coaching is intended to solve problems that interfere with seeking happiness, maximizing potential and learning how to be in the “flow.” It is systematic human exploration aimed at growth, goal-attainment and peak experience. Life Coaches draw from a number of disciplines including human development, positive psychology, humanistic movements and systems theory. There is a range of professional coach training programs from university certifications to master degrees. Books and journals proliferate continually examining the research and issues unique to professional coaching. Needless to say, I am excited and hopeful about this new way to support human growth and encourage potential.

My qualifications as a Life Coach include a professional certificate in Life Coaching from the University of New Hampshire. Although I have worked as a psychologist engaged in psychotherapy and family therapy for 35 years, I find Life Coaching to be refreshing and rewarding. Life Coaching may be a useful way to continue growth after some form of therapy is finished; it can be a kind of follow-through effort. It is acceptable for people to seek out a Life Coach while they are engaged in psychotherapy as a way to maximize their potential and draw out their strengths in spite of facing and working through therapy issues. Life Coaching is a distinct discipline offering individualized improvement and solution focused techniques to address emotional, family, work and social roadblocks.

I created and developed the Life Coaching for Children Certification Program at the University of New Hampshire. This program has been operating with great success and I instruct the three core courses for the program.

Call for information on Life Coaching for Adults and Children at 603-781-3892 (my office phone in Portsmouth, NH). Life Coaching can take many varied forms including phone, face to face, email and meetings in the community. Life Coaching offers people a creative and inspiring form of help, change and encouragement.

Fees for Life Coaching are considered on a sliding scale.

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